Whether he's unleashing a furious melodic solo or tapping an impossibly complicated string of notes, Craig Snyder transforms his guitar into a rocket of musical exploration. Fusion is the term to describe it, but his style traverses many genres along the way.”

Ron Netsky

"Snyder has received national accolades for his CD Earthbound... chockfull of heavy grooves, cool guitar stylings, and real hooks". He  even sings, especially shining on the bluesy number "Say What You Will". - Michelle Picardo, Rochester Freetime magazine.

"Seeing a guitar player with as much chops as Snyder is never a bad way to start a night of music".- B.Guisti, Jazz Blog, CITY, Rchstr, NY

" Snyder may remind listeners of jazz/fusion albums by artists like John Scofield, Pat Metheny, and Mike Stern. He has a fast, fluid approach to the guitar, with a slightly distorted edge. The tunes are, in equal measure, funky and melodic".- Ron Netsky, CITY, Rchstr, NY

" Snyder digs in with a crab-like ascending line, backs off for some languid melodic bits, and the explodes into saturated, blistering
   cowabunga madness-all within the first minute or two".- M.Molenda, editor of Guitar Player magazine, Sept 2007 issue.

"Chops of Doom".- jazz guitarist/singer Leni Stern


Comment From Concert Attendee at Sticky Lips Juke Joint Concert Hall in Rochester, New York:

"We just saw your group at Sticky Lips and were so impressed. Having read ahead of time about your band we were expecting to enjoy ourselves, but we were blown away. Thank you so much for an amazing experience. You are all amazing performers!"