The Craig Snyder Group is a collective force of musicians with a mutual love of the art and emotive soul of music. A performance of the CSG is not a "chops showcase" where the audience is alienated from the music being played but rather drawn toward and fully immersed into the total experience.
     A selection of the Rochester region's finest musicians is enlisted to fulfill a specific performance situation from a guitar duo up to a full group. Among these fine players are drummers  Frank Quagliata, John Maguire, and Mike Plouffe. The bass chair is occupied most frequently by seven string bassist Ron C Broida or Peter Chwazik with his nine string custom bass/guitar instrument. A full personal roster of players of all instruments is on hand to fulfill a need for additional singers, keyboardists, horn players, or rhythm guitarists for any specific musical engagement as requested by the purchaser or venue management.
     The goal is to draw the listener's attention to fully enjoy a performance of collective talents with a combination of carefully selected cover tunes and finely-crafted original compositions. "It is my sincerest intent to provide the best possible music to ensure an enjoyable event.
            **Please use the contact page for additional information or to book the group. Messages are promptly answered.**